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 Hello everyone!! My name is Margaret  I am a mother of 3 . A Grandma and Great Grandma. I have always been health concious but never really knew what i was doing until i met Market America. All these many years and i just found what was missing..... I have always been small boned and looked like i was in good shape but my BMI was 40 even i don't quite get it but almost half my body was FAT but i looked skinny My stomuch was Jello by as much as 30lbs or more and i didnt like that.....I thought well maybe this is how i have to be since my mom sisters and off spring all were big in the middle.... maybe its the genes? but i wasn't going for that..... I had no muscle and i always wanted even a little muscle but I just could not fiqure things out .... I read all kinds of get in shape books ... Muscle books .... but nothing worked Until i met Julie she has made a world of difference in my life..... Long story short Its better late for me then Never..... I am happier now then i have been in a long time ... My stomuch is shrinking I feel more energetic and my allround health is better.... its been almost a year and a half now since i joined Market America I just want to keep learning :) 

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